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How long will it take for orders to be processed.


Orders marked for local pickup should be ready within approximately two weeks after the show. We aim to have all orders from local vendors at our distribution centre within four days after the show closes. However, vendors that live outside of Nova Scotia may need a little extra time to ship their local pickup orders to us distribute. Once we receive the orders, we will process them and then contact the buyers to arrange for pickup. Where possible, buyers will be able to pick up their entire purchase at one time in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. However, in the unlikely event we run into delays receiving these orders from our out-of-province vendors, we may require additional processing time and/or multiple pickups.

Local pick up orders that are not collected within 30 days will be returned to the vendor (seller). The buyer can then arrange to pay the vendor to ship their items to them or collect from the vendor.


Orders being shipped to the buyer directly from the seller: We ask our vendors to ship orders within one week of the close of the show. Shipping time will vary depending on shipping method and destination.

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