Photo & Image Requirements

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Vendors are able to set up their shop (booth) with custom logo and banner if they wish. (We do recommend this).

Logo/Shop Icon

Your shop logo should be 350 x 350 pixels maximum and not be less than 200 x 200 pixels.

Shop Banner

The vendor banner works best with an image size of 1950 × 500 pixels. The image is set as a background that means it will resize based on the browser window to accommodate all devices and screen resolutions. Content like your logo / shop name, etc appears on top of it. By using an image that is 1950×500 you ensure that the image will not repeat on very large screens. However for best results vendors should not add any important text or content to it. If you do, you should make sure it is only in the center portion of the image.

WE CAN HELP: To help our vendors customize their booth, but not have to worry about making a banner if they do not want to, we have created many different banners they can select from. All approved vendors will be able to view and select from these banners.

Product Images

Product images are REQUIRED. Every product listing in your booth must have at least one image.

Your product images should be square. Today’s digital age has put a large emphasis on square images for many reasons. We won’t go into great detail, but the most important thing to know in regard to online sales is that 1:1 image ratio (square images) show significant improvement in click-through rates and conversion rates (sales) when compared to landscape aspect ratio images. In short – square images produce more clicks, they perform better for online sales. In the shop page your featured product image will be cropped to 1:1 ratio. Therefore if you wish to maintain control over how that image looks, you should ensure your featured image on all your products is uploaded as a 1:1 image (square).

On all of your products listing one (1) “featured Image” is required. Additional gallery images are optional. You may not use a collage image as your featured image. Featured images need to be your best, clearest image for strongest impact. If you wish to use a collage image in your gallery as an additional image that is okay.

The maximum size should be 800 x 800 pixels.
The minimum size should be 400 x 400 pixels.
The upload limit is 200 kb per image.

WE CAN HELP: We provide our approved vendors with links to free programs and helpful information, as well as easy to use drag and drop templates to help them create the images they need for their store.

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