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Free Curbside pickup in Dartmouth, NS

As a service to our shoppers and vendors, we will be organizing FREE curbside pick up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia* for all orders. *Conditions apply – please read below.

All orders designated for local pick up will be processed at our distribution centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. After the show we collect all the orders scheduled for local pick up from the vendors, regardless of where they are located. When your order is ready, you will receive an email from us letting you know and we’ll plan a date and time for you to collect. This way you will be able to pick up your entire order at one time at one location. Easy! Free!

Pick up is free, but you will be changed a 1 cent processing fee for local pick up. Did we say 1 cent? Yes, just 0.01 cent. We know that’s not technically free, but hope you will understand. Some of our vendors offer free shipping, so during our last show we realized when customers select local pick up, OR free shipping it looked the same to those vendors. As it was not immediately clear on the vendor’s order page if zero in the shipping field meant they should ship to the customer, or deliver to us for pick up, adding the 1 cent processing fee for pick up solves this. The 1 cent fee will be added to the charity donation at the end of the show, because to them we know every penny counts!

Local pick up orders that are not collected within 30 days will be returned to the vendor (seller). The buyer can then arrange to pay the vendor to ship their items to them or collect from the vendor.

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Shipped Orders

All orders that require shipping will be processed by the individual vendors. If you’ve ordered products from multiple vendors, you will receive multiple packages. When each order is shipped, you will receive a notification from the vendor with a tracking number for the order (where applicable). Canada and US shipping options and pricing will be posted at the checkout. Some exclusions and minimum purchase may apply. Please read product descriptions carefully before confirming your purchase. Some vendors may offer free shipping.

All items being shipped will be sent to you directly from the vendor. This means if you purchase from multiple vendors, you can expect multiple packages. Your entire order may not arrive in one package (unless you only purchase from one vendor).

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