Vendor Booth Setup – Quick Guide

You may download a copy of this document as a PDF

Once you are accepted into our show, you will be required to purchase and set up a vendor booth on our site. This setup process includes:

1) Creating a user account on our site.
2) Purchasing a vendor booth. We have three (3) booth sizes available.

IMPORTANT DEADLINE > Vendors must purchase their booth within three (3) days of receiving their acceptance email. Vendors must also have set up complete within four (4) days of the start of our show.

3) Setting up your vendor booth. Booth setup includes the following:
a. Entering Shop Details including:

• Shop Name
• Shop Description
• Contact Information (Phone, Address)

b. Entering a Payment Method so we can transfer your funds after the show.

c. Branding your Vendor Booth by uploading the following:

• Shop Logo (optional)
• Shop Banner (optional)

d. Configuring Shipping charges for your shop. Shipping set at the shop level can be overridden at the product level. You can choose from the following shipping options:

• Free Shipping
• Flat Rate Shipping
• Country Table Rate Shipping

e. Entering your Social Media Links (optional, but recommended)

f. Entering the following Shop Policies for your shop: (optional, but recommended)

• Terms and Conditions
• Shipping Policy
• Return Policy

4) Once your shop is set up, you can begin adding your products. Product setup includes entering the following information for each product:

a. Product Name
b. Product Description
c. Categories
d. Product Price
e. Quantity Available
f. Product Type – Simple or Variable
g. Uploading Product Images
h. Linking Related Products
i. Configuring shipping at the product level

Product Questions:

Here are some questions to think about before you begin adding up your products.

  • Do any of your products have variations such as color, design, material, flavour, fragrance, size, etc.?
  • Will you be charging sales tax on your products? If so, will you be charging tax on the full sale or just on the shipping portion?
  • You’ll need to enter the quantity you have available for each product you list. Would you want to be notified by email when your stock reaches a certain level?
  • Do you have any products that you would want to sell individually and limit to one per order?
  • Do you have products you want to link together? These can be displayed to the shopper on the product page for cross-selling and at checkout for upselling.
  • Will you be offering free shipping or flat rate shipping? If you decide to use the country table rate to set your shipping, you will need to set prices for every region you select.

Support / Help

This is a very different craft show than what you may be used to. Please do not worry, we have help available should you need it. In an online event we have to set up our booths by adding photos and description of our products. This may seem confusing or daunting at first, but once you add a couple of products you will find it is rather easy. If you have experience with online shops already, such as Etsy or your own online store, you may need no additional help setting up your booth on the platform. However, we have help files and can assist you regardless of your level of experience.

Need More Help?

If you need further help please contact us. We want you to have a successful show. Just reach out if you need something, we will do our best to assist you.