Vendor Information

Below you will find important information for potential vendors. We recommend you read through this information carefully before you apply – EVEN IF YOU ARE A RETURNING VENDOR AS SOME THINGS HAVE CHANGED. This will give you a good understanding of how the show works and what is required of participating vendors. The information has been broken into sections. Simply click on each heading to read the information.

APPLICATION FORM: The link to the application form is under “Vendor Information” on the top menu (when viewed on a computer). If you are on a mobile device click on the menu and links will appear, then scroll down to the Vendor Application. When applications close for an upcoming show, the link will be removed until it is time to open applications for the next show. Please contact us if you have any problems with the application form.

What is Canada Crafters?

Canada Crafters is an online craft show. This curated online 3-day shopping event. Our first show was held in October. Our second show starts right here Thursday, December 3rd at 12 PM Atlantic Standard Time (AST) and runs continuously until Sunday, December 6th at 10 PM (AST). We provide a safe selling space for our vendors and a vibrant marketplace for those looking for handmade items.

Our online format checks all the boxes for a “safe” event during these challenging times. Shoppers will attend from the comfort of home, avoiding the crowds and the line ups, paying no admission fees. There’s no need to socially distance, no hand sanitizer and no masks required. With our platform, shoppers can easily order from multiple vendors with one shopping cart and, for local orders, we offer free curbside pickup in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The free local pick up option will help boost sales by allowing shoppers to save the cost of shipping. But of course we are not restricting sales, everyone is welcome to shop at the show. Vendors can also ship items throughout Canada and the USA.

Become a Vendor

  • We are accepting applications from vendors across Canada. However, priority will be given to vendors living in Nova Scotia. All applications will be juried, and accepted vendors will be contacted by email within one (1) week of the application deadline. Each vendor must submit a separate application as booth sharing is not permitted at this time.
    It is a requirement of the show that participating vendors deliver (either in person or ship/courier) to us all orders the customer has selected as a local pick up order.

The show is for handmade items only. We cannot accept applications from:

  • Vendors selling alcoholic products
  • Vendors selling MLM products
  • Vendors selling licensed products
  • Direct sellers

Vendor Benefits:

  • Shopping takes place on a single platform
  • Single shopping cart can include products from all vendors
  • Single checkout process
  • Each vendor receives a dedicated page on our platform which includes contact information and social links
  • Each vendor receives a FREE 3-month Premium membership to the Online Directory
  • Canada Crafters will coordinate all local pickup and delivery orders
  • Featured vendor profiles and targeted promotion

Why it Works

There’s a difference between an online craft show and simply shopping online. It is the same difference as attending a craft show in person, versus shopping at a regular store.

Our online craft show is a shopping event that has a start and finish date. This is important because it creates urgency. When shoppers know they can go to Etsy (or any online marketplace) any time to browse and buy products, they’ll get to it in their own time. There is no need to rush. They may even forget to go back to an online shop they had initially planned to visit. But when shoppers know products are only available for a day or two, just like a regular in person craft show, they understand there are limited quantities and other people are also currently shopping for them, it creates more urgency for shoppers to shop right then and there.

You’re also harnessing the marketing power of an event. Due to COVID-19, shoppers can’t visit their favourite event in-person this year. They are missing their usual shows and are unsatisfied with the social media “market” versions of being shown photos and told to go find a maker elsewhere online. Shoppers looking to buy are more likely to visit an online craft show, even if they’re not typically online shoppers. And while they are looking, they can click “add to cart” right then and there, no need to search for a vendor on another platform. The option to buy is immediate.

Then there’s the benefit of an event that has been professionally planned and built using the experience and expertise of successful show planners with a proven track record. This is not an afterthought. This event has taken months of planning and hard work all before we even opened applications. Countless hours of work have been put into this platform. Given the amount of sales during our October show, we have proven this platform works!

We have done the hard work to set up a website and take care of transactions for our vendors. This requires more work on our end, but creates a smoother experience for the shopper.

This is the alternative craft show COVID made necessary, and everyone has been waiting for. Our second show is taking place in time for the Christmas season sales.

Application Process (Step by Step)

Check the posted date on our site to ensure applications for our next online craft show are open. Check for announcements on this site, social media and via our email newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter here.

  1. You can complete our Vendor Application form by clicking the application link on the menu. Before you submit your completed application:
    • You must complete all required fields.
    • You must be able to accept payment from us by EMT or Paypal.
    • You must be able to deliver all local pick up orders to our distribution centre in Dartmouth, NS within four (4) days of the show closing.
    • For orders being shipped directly to the customer, we ask vendors to process and ship orders as quickly as possible.
    • You must agree to our Terms and Conditions and Application Agreement.
    • You must provide a link where we can see photos of your work.
    • You must have quality images to use on our site for the show.
  1. Once submitted, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.
  1. Applications will close on the date specified on the application form. Applications deemed complete will be reviewed and rated by our jury for overall fit, quality, craftsmanship, diversity, uniqueness, branding and product photography.

Please note: Applications must be complete when we receive them. If we are missing information, we will not be able to process your application.

  1. Vendors will be notified of acceptance by email within (1) one week of the application deadline. This acceptance email will contain instructions for purchasing and setting up your booth.
  1. Vendors who are accepted will need to create a user account on our site in order to purchase a booth. Click here to sign up. Be sure to use the same email address you used on your application form.
  1. If you are accepted, you will be required to purchase one of three (3) booth packages and payment is required in full at this point. You will be expected to purchase your booth within (48) hours of receiving your acceptance email.
  1. Once you have purchased your booth, you will have access to our Vendor Dashboard link in My Account. You will be required have your booth completely set up four (4) days prior to the show. Vendors who do not complete their booth set up will be removed form the site and, if time permits, will be replaced by a vendor from the wait list. No refunds will be given for failing to set up in time. Products can not be added to your booth, deleted or edited after the show starts.
  1. Vendors who are not accepted, may be added to our wait list.

Vendor Fees (Booth Options)

There is no cost to apply to our market and there is no cost for jurying.

If accepted into our market, you will have the choice of three (3) booth packages ranging from $35-$75. Vendor fees are due upon acceptance and full payment must be paid via credit card on our site. All vendor fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. A $10 late fee is added if fees are not paid by the due date.

Canada Crafters will retain 20% as a commission on all sales. We cover all payment processing fees. We coordinate all local pick up orders.

Booth Options

Small Booth – Add up to 10 products with this booth.  $35.00 booth fee. (Includes 6MB storage limit, 25 image count limit) ($45 if not paid by the due date)
Medium Booth – Add up to 30 products with this booth.  $60.00 booth fee. (Includes 16MB storage limit, 70 image count limit) ($70 if not paid by the due date)
Large Booth – Add up to 75 products with this booth.  $75.00 booth fee. (Includes 30MB storage limit, 200 image count limit) ($85 if not paid by the due date)
Custom – Need more? Contact us.

NOTE: Products can be listed as variable. A 10 product package may actually be listing 100 products if you have variations of your base product.

  • Example 1: You sell a 12oz candle jar, you list the candle jar as one product, but shoppers can select from various fragrances of the same size candle jar. This is one product listing – with variations.
  • Example 2: You sell vanilla-scented candle jars, you list the candle jar as one product, but shoppers can select from various sizes (the price will change based on the size they select). This is one product listing – with variations.

Application Deadline

Makers wishing to apply for the December 2020 show should do so by Sunday, NOV 8th. Applications close NOVEMBER 8th at 11:59 PM (Atlantic).

Vendor Booth Setup Overview

If you are accepted into our show, you will be required to set up a vendor booth on our site.  This setup process includes:

  1. Creating a user account on our site.
  2. Purchasing a vendor booth.  We have three (3) booth sizes available.

IMPORTANT DEADLINE > Vendors must purchase their booth within three (48) hours of receiving their acceptance email.  Vendors must also have set up complete within four (4) days of the start of our show.

  1. Setting up your vendor booth.  Booth setup includes the following:
  • Entering Shop Details including:
    • Shop Name
    • Shop Description
    • Contact Information (Phone, Address)
  • Entering a Payment Method so we can transfer your funds after the show.
  • Branding your Vendor Booth by uploading the following:
    • Shop Logo
    • Shop Banner
  • Configuring Shipping charges for your shop. Shipping set at the shop level can be overridden at the product level.  You can choose from the following shipping options:
    • Free Shipping
    • Flat Rate Shipping
    • Country Table Rate Shipping
  • Entering your Social Media Links
  • Entering the following Shop Policies for your shop:
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Shipping Policy
    • Return Policy
  1. Once your shop is set up, you can begin adding your products.  Product setup includes entering the following information for each product:
    • Product Name
    • Product Description
    • Categories
    • Product Price
    • Quantity Available
    • Product Type – Simple or Variable
    • Uploading Product Images
    • Linking Related Products
    • Configuring shipping at the product level

Product Questions

Here are some questions to think about before you begin adding up your products.

  • Do any of your products have variations such as color, design, material, fragrance, size, etc.?
  • Will you be charging sales tax on your products? If so, will you be charging tax on the full sale or just on the shipping portion?
  • You’ll need to enter the quantity you have available for each product you list. Would you want to be notified by email when your stock reaches a certain level?
  • Do you have any products that you would want to sell individually and limit to one per order?
  • Do you have products you want to link together? These can be displayed to the shopper on the product page for cross-selling and at checkout for upselling.
  • Will you be offering free shipping or flat rate shipping? If you decide to use the country table rate to set your shipping, you will need to set prices for every region you select.

Help files and support will be available.

Photo & Image Requirements

Vendors are able to set up their shop (booth) with custom logo and banner if they wish. (We do recommend this).

Logo/Shop Icon

Your shop logo should be 350 x 350 pixels maximum and not be less than 200 x 200 pixels.

Shop Banner

The vendor banner works best with an image size of 1950 × 500 pixels. The image is set as a background that means it will resize based on the browser window to accommodate all devices and screen resolutions. Content like your logo / shop name, etc appears on top of it. By using an image that is 1950×500 you ensure that the image will not repeat on very large screens. However for best results vendors should not add any important text or content to it. If you do, you should make sure it is only in the center portion of the image.

WE CAN HELP: To help our vendors customize their booth, but not have to worry about making a banner if they do not want to, we have created a number of different banners they can select from. All approved vendors will be able to view and select from these banners.

Product Images

Product images are REQUIRED. Every product listing in your booth must have at least one image.

ALL of your product images need to be square. Today’s digital age has put a large emphasis on square images for many reasons. We won’t go into great detail, but the most important thing to know in regard to online sales is that 1:1 image ratio (square images) show significant improvement in click-through rates and conversion rates (sales) when compared to landscape aspect ratio images. In short – square images produce more clicks, they perform better for online sales. If you do not upload square images the site will display your images in the 1:1 image ratio on the shop page – this may not be the way you wish your image to be cropped therefore you should ensure you only use square images as your featured image for all your listings.

On all of your product listings one (1) “featured Image” is required. Additional gallery images are optional.

The maximum size should be 800 x 800 pixels.
The minimum size should be 400 x 400 pixels.
The upload limit is 200 kb per image.

WE CAN HELP: We provide our approved vendors with links to free programs and helpful information, as well as easy to use drag and drop templates to help them create the images they need for their store.

Show Rules

Vendors must abide by the show rules contained in the Application Agreement which forms part of the general Terms & Conditions. Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions before applying for the show.

Would you like to Apply?

If you have read the Terms & Conditions and Application Agreement and wish to apply, please visit the Vendor Application page. You will find the link on the menu.

On a computer: you will find the link to the application form on the top menu. Click on “Vendor Information” and a drop down link to the Application will appear. When applications close for an upcoming show, the link will be removed until it is time to open applications for the next show.

On a mobile device: Click on the menu and scroll down to the Vendor Application link. When applications close for an upcoming show, the link will be removed until it is time to open applications for the next show.