Vendor Prize Coupons

We generate tremendous excitement promoting our vendors in our offline crafts shows via social media competition posts targeted to the vendor. This method has been working well for us for the past 8 years and we plan to take advantage of this proven marketing method once again, with our slight adaptation to suit our online show. If you would like to be involved in this promotion please read the following.

Social Media Vendor Prize Promotion

You can join in on the competitions to direct people to your business and your Facebook or other social media page. We will post to both our main page and our event page on Facebook as well as Instagram. You do not need to provide the competition graphic – we will make one for you. All you need do to is simply indicate on your application form that you would like to participate and what prize value you wish to offer. We will make the graphic and we will post the competition featuring your business and your prize coupon amount. The text that will go with the graphic will tag your page (where appropriate and possible), mention what products you offer, and ask people to visit your page and to visit you at the show.

The prize is a shopping coupon of whatever amount you choose that can only be redeemed in your booth. Winners can shop at your booth and select what they like, this voucher will only be good for the weekend of the show – so the winner will need to use this voucher during the show or forfeit the prize.

We will select winners at random and will contact the winners with the coupon code. You can select any amount for your prize but the minimum is $20 to make it attractive enough that people will want to enter the competition. The more people who participate the more people who see your business and get to know you. An enticing prize helps attract a lot of activity on your post which is direct promotion of your products.

The competition involvement is designed to generate interest in your business and direct people to your Facebook page (or other social media).

What we need from you:

  • Let us know you wish to participate. (Either when you complete your application, or via email if you selected no but later change your mind).
  • Tell us the amount you wish your prize coupon to be (so we can create the post).
  • Be sure we know your social media account if you have one (Facebook, Instagram etc).
  • Make sure you have provided good photos we can select from to make a tempting graphic for your prize post.
  • Be sure to indicate your participation by the deadline (minimum 2 weeks prior to the show).
  • After you have set up your shop (booth) and added all your products, we will walk you through the coupon creation process. It’s fast and easy, but must be done inside your account so the coupon will only work in your shop/booth.