Why it Works

There’s a difference between an online craft show and simply shopping online. It is the same difference as between attending an craft show in person, versus shopping at a regular store.

Our online craft show is a shopping event that has a start and finish date. This is important because it creates urgency. When shoppers know they can go to Etsy (or any online marketplace) any time to browse and buy products, they’ll get to it in their own time. There is no need to rush. They may even forget to go back to an online shop they had initially planned to visit. But when shoppers know products are only available for a day or two, just like a regular in person craft show, they understand there are limited quantities and other people are also currently shopping for them, it creates more urgency for shoppers to shop right then and there.

You’re also harnessing the marketing power of an event. Due to COVID-19 shoppers can’t visit their favourite event in-person this year. They are missing their usual shows and are unsatisfied with the social media “market” versions of being shown photos and told to go find a maker elsewhere online. Shoppers looking to buy are more likely to visit an online craft show, even if they’re not typically online shoppers. And while they are looking they can click “add to cart” right then and there, no need to search for a vendor on another platform. The option to buy is immediate.

Then there’s the benefit of an event that has been professionally planned and built using the experience and expertise of successful show planners with a proven track record. This is not an afterthought. This event has taken months of planning and hard work all before we even opened applications. Countless hours of work have been put into this platform. We have proven it works with the success of our first show in October.

We have done the hard work to set up a website and take care of transactions for our vendors. This requires more work on our end, but creates a smoother experience for the shopper.

This is the alternative craft show COVID made necessary, and everyone has been waiting for. We are back for our second show in time for the Christmas season sales.

What about after the show?

Shoppers who want to find our vendors again after the show will easily be able to track you down on the Craft411.com online directory website. We will be promoting the online directory in tandem as the go to place for shoppers to find local makers 24/7/365. All our vendors will be given a free 3-month premium listing on the Craft411.com directory. After that you may elect to continue with a paid premium listing or take advantage of the free maker listing option available at any time.